Workin’ the Weight Loss with some RUNNING!

I had so much fun tonight running the American Fork Halloween Fun Run 5K with the Healthy Moms Kitchen team!  I ran this race two years ago, my first race ever.  I had only been running for a few months before the race (as in, EVER in my life – jumping hurdles in track, 8th and 9th grade does not count).  I think I had a pretty typical first race experience.  Like “OH CRAP!  What am I doing?!”  Everyone shoots ahead at the gunshot and you start out way faster that you normally would.  Then, you hit hill after hill when you’re used to running flat.  WHAT?!  Oh my gosh, that first race was crazy.  I literally had to tell myself over and over and over, “I’M AWESOME, MY BODY LOVES THIS.”  During the last hill, I really did not stop saying that.  It was all I could do to get through, then I hit that final stretch and my knees felt like they were going to explode, but the adrenaline was running, as well as the clock and my sweet running partner says, let’s cross before 30!  We ended up crossing right after 30 minutes.

Tonight, I ran with 11 fellow female friends – GO HEALTHY MOMMAS!  We were dressed in fun Very Cherry Flirty Aprons, skirts, and very high classic 50s hairstyles.  What else would the Healthy Mom’s Kitchen team run in a Halloween Fun Run as other than 50s Housewives? (No really, do tell me your ideas because we want to WIN the group costume contest next year).  NO knee pain tonight (thank you USANA Procosa, glucosamine – you are a a wonder supplement! If you want it, ask me and I’ll hook you up!).  Rather than telling myself, “I’m awesome” over and over, I told everyone else!  Sang silly Halloween songs with Jodi (best running partner ever because she taught me all about mind over matter).  We even managed to meet one rockin’ grandma who was running the race – 80 pounds lighter thanks to low glycemic eating!  AND…I beat my time!  I crossed the finish line at 29:48 and was 9th in my age range.  Jamie Robinson, the queen of all things canning came in 6th in our age group and my awesome friend July totally smoked the race – her FIRST!  She wasn’t the only one who was racing for the first time.  Two of the gals who were running recently had babies and did awesome.  I couldn’t have done it that soon after baby.  Cassie zoomed by us all and took second in her age group!   It was so much fun to race with all these women.  I love you girls!  Who’s joining us next year?  This is the most fun race – costumes and running through the cemetery and we’re a fun group to run with!

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  1. How fun! Congratulations. I can’t imagine running again (I used to), but I remember that runner’s high. Now, I just like to walk REAL fast. Let’s see, group costume. Maybe the YMCA guys? A-Team? No, that’s not enough people. The Adams Family?

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