WIMF: Noon Time Rush Weight Loss Recipe

I work full time…So not only do I try and make sure that my kiddos have healthy lunches, it’s important that I’m fueling up with nutritious weight loss recipes so I can get through the work day, as well! On most days I work during my lunch, so I’m always looking for easy meals to take with me to have on hand. I’m also lucky that I live close to the office where I work, and that I can run home and grab something, too. Yesterday, I literally had 15 minutes to grab something before rushing back to work. BUT…You’d never know that the AMAZING dish I created, took less than those 15 minutes! I had the following items in my fridge:

-Left over turkey

-One yellow squash

-A handful of red grapes

-A few chopped almonds

Introduce: “Noon Time Rush”

-Take the yellow squash and slice it up. Saute with olive oil, a small tab of butter, or with cooking spray. Salt and Pepper. Cook until lightly golden on the edges

-Chop up the turkey into bit-sized cubes.

Put the squash, turkey and grapes into a large dish. Mix together. Top with chopped almonds. Sprinkle with sea salt. DEVOUR at your desk!!

This would also be a great, QUICK dinner entree to have with a side salad, or sliced fruit.

What is a quick, healthy recipe you make when you need something on the spot, that’s  in YOUR fridge?!

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One Response to WIMF: Noon Time Rush Weight Loss Recipe

  1. Nisha says:

    This looks absolutely fantastic Laura! You better watch it or I’m going to start showing up at your house around meal time ;)

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