Weekly Family-Friendly Healthy Menu Plan

Bountiful Baskets had a lot of good things to offer this week. In addition to our organic basket, we picked up a case of Pink Lady Apples, a case of HUGE tomatoes, and some tortilla strips ready to bake into tortilla chips. Here’s what the organic basket included:

Vegetables: Romaine lettuce, Lecinto Kale, onion, tomatoes, broccoli, sugar snap peas, cilantro, celeriac (celery root)

Fruits: Bag of juicing oranges, bag of apples, Asian pear, strawberries, D’Anjou pears

I still have quite a bit of produce leftover from last week’s basket, including a green pepper, several onions and a head of cabbage. We’ll be utilizing these this week in our menu plan.

I was secretly hoping we’d get some kale in our basket this week. I’ve read several recipes for baked Kale chips and wanted to give them a try. I’m pretty excited about this!

Saturday – Chicken Stir Fry. This is becoming a staple recipe at our house – it is so good! Use the sugar snap peas, broccoli and any leftover vegetables you need to use up. We’re also going to make Baked Vegetarian Eggrolls.

Sunday – Using the leftover green pepper, we’re going to make Tomato Basil Soup, serve with whole grain rolls (omit if trying to release weight), and fruit salad.

Monday – Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette Fish Tacos, oranges, side salad.

Tuesday – soup night at our house. We are going to give Curried Celeriac Soup a try.

Wednesday – Ham & Broccoli Quiche (omit crust if trying to release weight), side salad using romaine lettuce, strawberries, D’Anjou pears, apples and served with a Poppyseed Dressing.

Thursday – Misty’s Healthy Shrimp Alfredo, Lemon-Scented Sugar Snap Peas

Friday – Traditional Pizza and Movie night at our house. Make using a whole wheat pizza crust. Top with lots of veggies and serve with a huge salad using leftover vegetables.

Snack Ideas for the week:  Kale chips, pears & cottage cheese or pears & almonds, strawberries & plain Greek yogurt (sweetened with liquid stevia), Apple Cherry 4 in 1

Breakfast Ideas for the week: Eggs along with an Orange Julius or Orange Treat







If you are an overnight oats fan, this Apple version could easily be modified to use steel-cut oats by adding in an extra cup of liquid for the 1 cup of oats.  Add some bacon to the side for more protein.

Need ideas for how to use up a whole case of Pink Lady apples? See Nisha’s Top 10 Recipes for using Apples post. I’m for sure making the Apple Cherry 4-in-1 – it is so good!

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2 Responses to Weekly Family-Friendly Healthy Menu Plan

  1. Thanks for sharing my overnight apple oatmeal!

  2. Toni says:

    I found your website through the Bountiful Baskets facebook page as I was looking to find out what the heck that ruddy looking item was that we received this week – celeriac root. Decided to try your recipe above Curried Celeriac Soup and while I didn’t have curry powder, made it anyway and just finished pureeing it. I was going to save it for tomorrow and add the cream then, but just tried it and OMG is that good!! It tastes like cream of celery, only better!! It’s like a thick gravy maybe even a good alternative for mashed potatoes?? Thank you for posting this recipe. I will definitely check back for more recipes.

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