Turkey Leftover Recipe: Turkey Cranberry Salad

Now that turkey season is upon us, I decided to get over my fear of turkeys and embrace them for their cheap leftover protein source.  There are two salads from restaurants that I’m particularly fond of. It doesn’t matter how frequent I could go to those restaurants, I’m ordering the salad every time!  From Kneaders, it’s the Turkey Cranberry Salad and from Mimi’s Cafe, it’s their Bleu Cheese Walnut Salad.  Maybe they both had me at the Craisins?!  Today, since we’re talkin turkey and since Kneaders is only in 5 Western States, I’m going to share with you the Turkey Cranberry Salad.  Grab a fork!

Lettuce, leftover turkey, Craisins, purple onion, sunflower seeds, and mushrooms slices along with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

I’d be one to just skip the dressing and use cranberry sauce all over the salad and call it good!  What do you think?  Will you be trying this with your turkey leftovers?


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