Top 10 Recipes of 2010

It’s been fun to get to know our readers since we launched Healthy Mom’s Kitchen in May.  We appreciate all your feedback, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and for being open to letting us in your kitchens and helping you with your weight loss journey!! I thought it would be fun to take a look back and see what your favorite recipes from 2010 are.  It looks like our weight loss breakfast recipes top the list!

Here are YOUR favorite recipes from 2010:

10)  Mini Frittatas

9)  High Fiber Smoothie

8)  Tripple Applesauce Bread

7)  Garbanzo Bean Brownies

6)  Chicken Tortilla Soup

5)  Fruity-fruity Smoothie

4)  Fiesta Frittata

3) Cinnamon Roll Green Smoothie

2)  Kid-Friendly Quiche

Drumroll…………….the most viewed recipe from 2010 is……………….

1)  Pumpkin Power Bars

Thanks again to everyone for being such wonderful readers!  Please send in requests for recipe makeovers, products or cookbooks you’d like us to review, or areas you need healthy weight loss ideas in.  We’re thrilled to be holding our first New Year Healthier YOU 8 Week Challenge this year!  Don’t forget to head over to that page to get signed up.

Happy New Year!

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