Popped Quinoa


Yummy, fun way to eat Quinoa



Makes: 4 servings
Step 1
Heat a deep pan on hot until it is really HOT. Test it by adding a few grains of Quinoa. If they pop in a few seconds, it is hot enough.
2 tablespoons Quinoa
Step 2
Add just enough Quinoa to cover the bottom of the pan. Only do a little at a time as it will burn easily.
Step 3
After you get the desired amount of Quinoa popped, ENJOY!!

Yummy Yummy!  This was way better than I would have hoped.  They are just very tiny, so it was an outside treat for my kids, but they couldn’t argue with a yummy treat and some outside time!  I’ll be making this again very soon!  I can’t wait to try it in recipes and by putting it on my yogurt.

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