The Majesty of Motherhood

I have been so inspired by an upcoming event The Majesty of Motherhood that hasn’t even happened yet, but I wanted to share some of that inspiration with you!  As Mothers, there are so many emotions and trials we go through.  If I could tell Moms all over the world anything, it would be that what is on the manifesto below is true – read it – over and over – you deserve to feel that way about yourself!


Only 3 days left till the Majesty of Motherhood event. It’s time for nurturing and empowering yourself in your stewardship as a valuable woman and marvelous mother. Yes, I am talking to you and yes, indeed, you embody those aforementioned adjectives. :)

The speakers are amazing and I can’t wait to soak in all the enabling wisdom and goodness they have to share. I just may happen to have a few tickets to share with anyone who’d like to come:) , message me if this is something you’ve been wanting and would fill a need for you. Go to to register. Use the Promo Code “MOM” to receive $30 off!

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