Healthy Homemade MultiGrain Bread Recipe

Nisha has raved and raved on Facebook about this Healthy Homemade MultiGrain Bread Recipe, so I’ll spare you the textual details and just tease you with a bunch of photos!  The one thing I do want to note is that we did make this using a Bosch
and we will be posting a 2 loaf recipe that can easily be hand-kneaded with the same results.  I did try it once with half red wheat, half white and it’s MUCH tastier just using the hard white wheat.  Now get to bakin – you’re family is going to LOVE this bread!


Bread doesn't get more protein and fiber packed than this!



Makes: 64 servings
Step 1
Grind on fine setting of Mr Coffee – longer pulses 2 sets 5 seconds. Put barley into Bosch Mixer or large bowl. Add 6 cups of hot water.
12 cup Pearled Barley
Step 2
Combine and grind on course setting of Mr. Coffee grinder – short pulses 2 or 3 times.
13 cup Poppy Seeds
14 cup Sesame Seeds
12 cup Flaxseed, whole, not milled
12 cup Quinoa
14 cup Millet
Step 3
Add all of the seeds & grains except oats and flour into Bosch Mixer or large bowl. Let sit for 15 min. (Barley will be in the water for about 20+ minutes) Then add 2 cups old fashioned oats turn on mixer, or stir by hand with spoon, to blend and then let soak an additional 5 min.
12 cup Raw Shelled Sunflower Seeds
12 cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds
2 cups Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
Step 4
Add ingredients.
23 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
23 cup Honey
3 tablespoons Yeast, heaping tablespoons
3 tablespoons Dough Enhancer
13 cup Gluten Flour
4 cups Hard White Wheat Flour
2 cups Spelt Flour
2 tablespoons Salt
Step 5
Continue to add more flour, 1 cup at a time until it pulls away from sides of bowl. Mix for 5 minutes. (If mixing by hand add flour until dough is not sticky then knead well for 7-10 min). Shape bread, put into oiled pans, put in oven – turn on oven to 170, turn it off – set timer for 15-20 minutes or until bread dough rises, then turn on oven to 350º and cook for 20-25 minutes. Makes 6-7 large loaves.
Hard White Wheat Flour

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4 Responses to Healthy Homemade MultiGrain Bread Recipe

  1. Heather says:

    This looks awesome – I have everything except the spelt flour. I’ll have to get some and try it – thanks!

  2. Amy says:

    Is gluten flour the same as vital gluten?
    What is dough enhancer?
    Can something be subbed for spelt flour if I don’t have any, and I’m snowed in today? ;)
    I don’t have a big machine such as this…eagerly awaiting the 2 loaf hand-done recipe! :)

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  4. Mirien says:

    This bread is wonderful! I’m making my second batch today because the first was so well received by my family. I was surprised that a loaf this full of seeds and grains would be so light and soft. This recipe is going into my favorites file! Thanks.

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