Healthy Weight Loss Dessert Recipe: Garbanzo Bean Brownies

Yes, you read that title right.  Today, I’m featuring one of my favorite healthy dessert recipes: Garbanzo Bean Brownies.  Some of you may have heard of brownies that call for black beans, but these use garbanzo beans.  I haven’t actually tried black bean brownies, but my friend Jamie has and she says this recipe is way better.  It’s a very simple and easy recipe.  Do not double it.  It takes a much longer time and it’s hard to cook it evenly.  My outsides were dry and the middle was just perfect.  Save yourself the fuss and stick to the recipe exactly as is.  If you have sugar-free chocolate pudding on hand, you could make that to go on top of the brownies as frosting.  Without further ado, here it is:

UPDATE: I made these last night and instead of adding the almond extract and nuts, I added 1 Tbsp cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract along with about 1/3 cup of cocoa nibs.  I topped them with Sugar-Free chocolate pudding.  I liked this version better.

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2 Responses to Healthy Weight Loss Dessert Recipe: Garbanzo Bean Brownies

  1. Laura says:

    My teenager cannot get enough of these brownies!! We usually just skip the topping part : ) because he usually won’t wait! VERY yummy!

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