Fitting in Fitness: Healthy Halloween Thoughts

I have some Halloween (aka candy) thoughts for you this morning – and just so we are all clear on this, I LOVE fall, I love autumn, and I LOVE Halloween. Growing up, my mom decorated our house with tons of Halloween decorations and made it really festive for us. She would cook dinner in a pumpkin (which is what I now get to do for my children because they remember this!), and if we were lucky, we got to wear a homemade costume instead of a store-bought one. One year my mom decided for me what myself and my little sister were going to dress up as – I was the lucky one. I was a tube of Crest toothpaste. My sister was a bottle of French’s mustard.

This Halloween, have fun with the costumes, have fun with the children. Then pick one or two pieces (not BAGS) of your favorite Halloween candy and enjoy every bite. Then tell yourself that the rest of the candy will just make you feel super yucky and super guilty. Throw it away! I read someone’s blog the other day who said she pays her kids $20 to throw the candy in the garbage before they walk in the house. Great idea! Halloween is about having fun, enjoying fall, and seeing the joy on children’s faces as they enjoy the holiday. It’s not about the candy.

So what does this have to do about fitness? One little tie-in – I notice that my workouts are better and I feel good inside (physically and mentally) when I eat healthy. When I eat a bunch of junk, then I feel like junk. It’s definitely true that you are what you eat.


**Special Announcement**  If you are local, tune in to 2News Fresh Living on Monday afternoon at 1.  Nisha will be showing viewers how to get in a veggie packed dinner before heading off to Trick or Treat.

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2 Responses to Fitting in Fitness: Healthy Halloween Thoughts

  1. Amy says:

    What sorts of things do you cook in a pumpkin?

  2. Heather says:

    My mom has 2 recipes that she uses for dinner in a pumpkin – the first one has onions, carrots, rice, ground beef, sausage and tomato sauce. The other is a creamier dish with water chestnuts. There are lots of variations. The trick is to find something that goes well with squash because you eat the inside of the pumpkin along with your dinner. It is super yummy!

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