Dr. Seuss & Essential Oils

I always say to my kids when they aren’t sure about something new:  You may like it, you will see!  You may like it in a tree!

I asked on our FB page today what was holding people back from diving into the world of essential oils and most people responded with lack of education.  They don’t know what to do and a few mentioned money.   It took me 6 years to really dive into essential oils (I bought my first peppermint oil in February 2006) and didn’t really dive in until Jan 2012.  I wish I would have taken the leap sooner!  What helped me finally do it?  A friend brought me EVERYTHING I needed!  Seriously – she brought me the Modern Essentials book and a ton of oils and just said, “here – try them!”  I had two really cool experiences with my kids right away that week.  Sophie was up in the middle of the night with growing pains – I put peppermint on her legs.  Before, I’d give her children’s pain reliever and I’d have to snuggle her for 30 minutes while she wailed and waited for it to kick in.  Not even a minute after that peppermint was on her, she said, “Okay, I’m going back to sleep!”  I was flabbergasted!  It was January.  Landon had  a cold and cough for a few weeks and wasn’t sleeping well.  I tried a blend called Breathe on his chest and he slept like a baby – so did I.  WOW, a new mommy power!!!  I was hooked!

I’m so grateful for my friend Cherie who gave me everything I needed.  Can I give YOU everything you need?  This week only, I’m giving away $1,000 worth of doTERRA Essential Oils!  When you sign up with your own wholesale account, whatever you spend, I’ll give you the same amount for free (doesn’t have to be the exact same oils).  I also have 4 Modern Essentials books to give away.  Want one?  Whoever signs up will go into a drawing for the books.  Don’t worry if you don’t win the book.  Sandi and I have so many online resources to hook you up with to help you learn!

I have to have your order in by Friday night and know what you want for free!  The sooner you contact me though, the better.  I’m due to have a baby on Thursday afterall :)   Email learnaboutoilsnow@gmail.com with your name and phone number and Sandi or I will call you to help you know what to get started with and explain any details you need to know.

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