Bountiful Baskets Roundup and Menu Plan 8.25.12

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This week, I brought home Brussels sprouts, 2 heads of Romaine lettuce, a tomato, cauliflower, green chillies, Asian pears, Mango-Tango plums, grapes, and cherries.  I'm not going to lie – it's going to be tricky to menu plan around this.  We have no problem getting through our fruits during the day, but I like to plan our dinners around the veggies we get in our basket, and I'm not sure how I'll get five meals out of just Brussels, lettuce, cauliflower, and a tomato. 

We also have some carrots on hand, avocados, and cucumbers fresh from my aunt's garden.  From the store, I'm picking up bananas – because who can live without LOTS of bananas?!  Corn on the cob and sugar snap peas from a local farmer is also a must!

I'm having salad like crazy this week because we have LOADS of greens!  My kids will likely have sandwiches each day for lunch.  I'm listing what I'll be making my kiddos for breakfast.  I'll be having a low-glycemic shake.

  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Steel Cut Oatmeal with Cherries BLT SALAD Edamame, Liquid Aminos Chicken Tortilla Soup (using the tomatoes, carrots, frozen corn, chilies)
Leftover Oatmeal SALAD with Salmon Cherries, Cheese Stick Salad Bar
French Toast, Grapes SALAD with Cliantro Jalepeno Hummus Greek Yogurt, plums Beef Enchiladas, Smashed Cauliflower
Waffles SALAD Grape, cheddar cheese kabobs Pork Chops, Asian Pears,  Bacon Brussels Sprouts
Eggs, Bacon, Fruit Salad SALAD sliced tomato, cottage cheese Steak, corn on the cob, side salad

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