Back to School Time!

It’s here…Back to School Season!  I’m sure you are all busy with school registration, shopping for Fall clothes, and already dealing with the drama that comes with your kids BFF not being in the same class as them this year.  When I started Sophie in preschool this past January, my primary concern was GERMS!  I thought she’d be sick more often and subsequently, our whole family would be sick more often. The preschool assured me the kids get hand sanitizer multiple times during the two hours, but I wonder if in the convenience of sanitizer to zap those germs, are we forgetting to teach our kids proper handwashing?  Even as busy moms, are we washing our hands for the length of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday?

Enter in – The Hygiene Heroes!  Soap Soundz has created a fun tool for us to teach our kids proper handwashing.  On Friday, we received a package of samples from Soap Soundz.  I knew what it was, so I excitedly told Sophie a package had arrived for her.  Her face was priceless as she opened up to discover the Hygiene Heroes.  These soap bottles all have a character on them: Princess Sanipure, Captain Cleanhands, and Lord Viral.  The character says a few things and then a tune plays.  It’s like a hero/villain cartoon jingle at your sink.  I explained to Sophie that she needs to scrub her hands for as long as the song plays, and then she can rinse.  After she washed her hands, she continued to pretend to be in the cartoon, fighting against the evil Lord Viral.  She was beyond thrilled to assign the characters different bathrooms and to practice washing her hands.  Her cousins came over soon after and were thrilled to check them out and also excited to practice handwashing.  You can buy Soap Soundz at their website or on Amazon.

For our giveaway this week, two lucky readers will win a set of 3 Hygiene Heroes!  Here are the rules for the giveaway.  All entries need to be in by midnight Mountain Time on Saturday, August 22nd and I’ll choose a winner on Sunday, August 23rd.

REQUIRED: Leave a comment telling us your top Back to School concern.

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Over the next couple weeks, we’re covering your health-related Back to School topics so that you can redirect your focus on raising healthy kids.  We’ll cover healthy brown back lunches, healthy after school snacks, sleep and it’s affect on school work, etc.

Disclosure: Soap Soundz provided me with free samples in exchange for the review.  The above is my completely honest opinion of the product.

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25 Responses to Back to School Time!

  1. Nina says:

    yes, sickness. my son was in a mutli-child daycare for a few months last year and I swear he was never well – and every sickness included a fever. the dr said its the nature of a two year old and by three he’ll be better…and thus far this summer he’s gotten two colds and zero fevers – knock on wood…but I’m sure not looking forward to that again.

  2. Jenny Brumfield says:

    Wow! Those soaps are so awesome!!! You are right, I have to FORCE my kids to wash their hands often and sometimes they even will say to me “Can’t we just use hand sanitizer?” One back to school concern I have is trying to convince my daughter to eat her lunch at school. She is always so concerned about hurrying out to play with her friends that she doesn’t eat her lunch, and then comes home starving and wants to eat a bunch of junk.

  3. Jenny Brumfield says:

    Ok, I think I’m a facebook fan of Healthy Mom’s Kitchen, and Soap Soundz. Do I just have to click on like? Darn, I’m facebook illiterate…

  4. Trish says:

    Biggest concern? Getting everyone off everyday with everything they need and having some time together. We send kids to 4 different schools, elementary, middle school, high school and college. Lots of different schedules and activities and DRIVING. UGH!

  5. Trish says:

    I also friended you on google connect.

  6. Trish says:

    I liked Healthy Mom’s Kitchen and Soap Soundz.

  7. Trish says:

    Added to my blog giveaways on my blog! (Can you tell I want to win these? My little kids would love it!)

  8. My top concern is learned behavior problems.

    {both boys are going to a church “preschool” twice a week}

  9. Like both on FB- Joanna Price

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  11. Rebecca says:

    Became a friend through Google Connect

  12. Rebecca says:

    Became a fan of Healthy Mom’s Kitchen on FB

  13. Rebecca says:

    Became a fan of Soap Soundz on FB

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