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Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake

It’s HARVEST Season and I know you all have zucchini coming out of your ears!  Here’s a recipe that is sure to be a hit with the whole family! Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake By: Source: Rating: Seriously so … Continue reading

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Zupas Quinoa Salad Recipe

This healthy weight release recipe is one my grandma shared with me.  We love the restaurant chain in Utah called Zupas.  She has their cookbook and shared this delish quinoa recipe with me.  Took it to my husbands work potluck and … Continue reading

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Mango Madness

Around our house, we {LOVE} mangos!!!  We are sharing the healthy update to a family favorite (mango lassi) as well as a new found tasty meal: BBQ Mango Bacon Pizza (on a cauliflower crust). Any time we get to eat … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide To The 7 Steps to Emotional Mastery

In helping people achieve sustained fitness and weight loss, we have found that unaddressed emotional states can present an enormous barrier.  When emotions are not confronted, managed, and addressed, they can lead to unhealthy coping strategies rooted in avoidance such … Continue reading

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Healthy Delicious Lunch: Spinach Wrap

I recently discovered a protein packed wrap that actually tastes delicious, so I thought I’d share this amazing Spinach Wrap recipe with you!  Obviously there are a lot of different things you can add, but the feta and basil pesto … Continue reading

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Healthy Homemade MultiGrain Bread Recipe

Nisha has raved and raved on Facebook about this Healthy Homemade MultiGrain Bread Recipe, so I’ll spare you the textual details and just tease you with a bunch of photos!  The one thing I do want to note is that … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Squash and Shrimp

I’ve kind of been on a spaghetti squash kick lately if you haven’t noticed by now.  I just have to share one more tasty recipe before the season of this hard winter squash comes to an end.  Tah-dah {Enter in … Continue reading

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Healthier Low Glycemic “Spaghetti” Recipe

This is a low-glycemic version of the classic. I am slowing introducing my family to eating low-glycemic, however, sometimes they don’t like change or are slow to appreciate it.  So I have been starting with little changes with me.  I eat low-glycemic … Continue reading

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Healthy Snack Your Kids Will LOVE!: Apple Sliders

My son requests Apple Sliders all the time!  If you like a wee bit of chocolate in your day, adding dark chocolate chips to Apple Sliders is a great balanced low glycemic way to get your chocolate fix.  Try adding … Continue reading

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Meet Tara & Her Weight Loss Dessert Recipe: Plum Delight

I couldn’t wait for the next 8 Week Challenge to start, so I got the “Get Lean Blueprint” four weeks prior to starting the 8 week challenge.  With the Get Lean Blueprint, I spent those four weeks learning how to eat low … Continue reading

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