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nishaheadshotHi! I’m Nisha Riggs, wife, mom of 2 kids, and founder of the My Healthy Transformation Program.

I work with overweight and overwhelmed moms who are ready to wire their brain for weight release and drop the weight in a family-friendly way so they can be in their skinny jeans full of energy and enjoying motherhood!

I am a researcher at heart and I love learning. My undergraduate degree is in Sociology with minors in Quantitative Methods (that’s a fancy researchie thing:)) and Non-profit Management. I have so much fun learning every little detail of topics that interest me, like healthy eating, essential oils, positive psychology and business, and putting them to use in my life and then sharing with others!

After experiencing my own personal transformation and going from a sluggish overweight mom who was too tired to get anything done after working to THRIVING and truly living life the way I wanted, I got my first certification to lead a weight loss program online. I also spent time leading weight loss groups in person through a charitable program called the Shrink-a-Thon. I had the opportunity to coach many moms and I saw them going to extremes – either of forcing their family on the same “diet” they were on or cooking two meals at night. I could see that these women were learning a lot about how their bodies worked, but not receiving the tools to help implement this in a family-friendly way.

I initially began Healthy Mom’s Kitchen to bridge the gap and provide family-friendly weight loss menu plans and recipes, many of which are based on produce received from Bountiful Baskets Food Coop. I love empowering moms with the knowledge and tools they need to LIVE life, full of energy and in happiness, in complete LOVE with motherhood!  That passion has reached beyond weight release to include overall health using doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and food storage, to empower moms to be prepared in ALL aspects of their family’s health.

Contact me right away at admin (at) healthymomskitchen (dot) com if you’d like to schedule a virtual class with your friends and family to learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils.

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Nisha is a member of Utah Business Experts and is also a business and social media consultant for various companies, including Startwrite and The Dating Divas.

Nisha is a Volunteer Site Coordinator for Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op. Healthy Mom’s Kitchen is also a supporter of the local charity Keys to Success.

Disclosures: Healthy Mom’s Kitchen is an affiliate for Flirty Aprons and Blendtec (two must-haves in the kitchen, if you ask us ;) )!  You may occasionally see us posting about Flirty Aprons and Blendtec, but only because we absolutely LOVE them!  All opinions are our own.

5 Responses to Meet Nisha

  1. Nisha, you have a GREAT vision here! You can be a catalyst for change. It only takes one, who teaches two, who teaches two, who teaches two, who teaches two. Together, with the power of leverage in the right direction, the world can be changed.

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  3. Danielle Warren says:

    Okay, can I just say how excited I am about yall’s site?! Cause I am! I’ve been married for a year & my husband & I really need to start eating better. If we start now, we’ll keep the habit for when our family grows!

  4. Tawny Allen says:

    Hi! We live in Texas and couldn’t make the medicine cabinet makeover class and it’s something I’m very interested in. Where can I buy the image you have on your blog to make my medicine cabinet over?! Thanks so much :-)

  5. says:

    Just found your site & watched video. I’m very interested, the recipes look great. I tried filling out name & email for your program but nothing seemed to happen when I tried button. On another page it directed me to a shopping cart marketing site. Is this still available? Also, I may have missed this, but can I follow your blog by email? Thanks

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